• Non-Fiction Book - For the Love of Cancer: A Passionate Pursuit to Understand Life, Death & Spirituality

Non-Fiction Book - For the Love of Cancer: A Passionate Pursuit to Understand Life, Death & Spirituality


Healing from the loss of a loved one can be a little less painful with reassurance from someone who has traveled the same path. For the Love of Cancer: A passionate pursuit to understand life, death, and spirituality was born from the author’s personal journey as her husband’s caregiver during his battle with cancer and her immense grief when he was killed in a motorcycle accident. 

In this book, Julie Davis Tittenhofer shares the most intimate details from the beginning of their relationship to the depression that followed his untimely death and her ultimate discovery of spirituality and faith in God. The book begins with the dramatic story of falling in love, becoming husband and wife, and almost immediately facing the diagnosis of advanced colon cancer. As the author reflects on their experience, she recalls how they learned to laugh at cancer and even to appreciate it, somehow. 

In her quest to understand why bad things happen to good people, Julie Davis Tittenhofer writes of her experiences of communicating with “the other side” and her resulting belief in God, angels, and Heaven. Through this discovery, she learns her God-given purpose in life and shares her story of passionately pursuing that purpose. While the author neither proclaims expertise in religion nor references scripture, she explains how she discovered God and built a relationship with Him. Her life-changing discovery and her belief in life after death came about through the unusual and captivating spiritual experiences that occurred following her husband’s death. 

Tapping into her personal journey, the author provides understanding for those suffering from grief or depression, while at the same time giving the reader a healing pathway to follow. In the final chapter “Lessons Learned” the author provides quick tips for dealing with the loss of a loved one that can be referenced throughout the grieving process without having to revisit the book in its entirety.