Light Therapy - Photofacial - Blue & Red Light Treatments are all the rage!

Have you Heard of Red Light Therapy?  


LED Light Therapy is quickly becoming all the rage.  Although this treatment has existed for a long time, it has recently grown in popularity due to the number of light therapy devices being developed. 


So, just what does light therapy do?  The human body uses light rays for various things such as metabolizing Vitamin D.  When red light is applied to the skin (usually the face), it delivers energy to the cells helping to repair collagen within the dermis (the underneath layer of skin).  As we age, cellular function and activity declines, so by giving the cells this light energy, the cells become more active and are rejuvenated.  This natural stimulation increases collagen production which in turn causes fine lines and wrinkles to become less noticeable.  


In addition to the light energy, there is heat given off by the red light.  The thermal energy improves and enhances blood circulation.  With better circulation, nutrients and growth factors are delivered more readily to the dermal layers of the skin.  Because the cells are more active and functioning better, any underlying inflammation is reduced.  It’s even super helpful at reducing the appearance of bruises more quickly.  


Red light LED therapy is safe for all skin types and people of all ages.  Even better, there is no downtime despite being a very effective tool to rejuvenating and repairing the skin.  But, don’t be fooled.  Not all RED light therapy devices are created equal!   At Pura Vida Body & Mind, we chose one of the best and most effective LED delivery systems on the market – the Perfectio Plus. The Perfectio Plus has a combination of powerful infra-red LEDs that supply a deeper and more effective treatment that many other devices on the market.  Interested in purchasing a Perfectio for at home use?  Call us!  We can assist you with that.

 At Pura Vida, you can receive Red Light Therapy as an enhancement to your HydraFacial or other facial treatments or even as a stand-alone treatment.  Be sure to ask your aesthetician for more information about how it can improve your skin and enhance your current treatment regimen.  


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